Attention ladies who want to change their body composition (gain lean muscle & lose fat), improve their health and shape up!

Join The NEW Woman's 28-Day
Macro Challenge Starting April 8!

This brand NEW Women’s Macro Challenge will help you understand your own unique nutritional needs for quick and sustainable weight loss, for life. 

You’ll learn how to dial in your nutrtion for optimal health & improved body composition, even if weight loss is not a goal!

Forget following another restrictive meal plan or fad diet that will leave you frustrated and feeling deprived. 

Learn how to nourish your body, feel energized and strong!

What is the 28-Day Woman's Macro Challenge?


The 28-Day Macro Challenge will teach you…

  • How to adapt healthy recipes for your size, age, and activity level and track your macros so you know what nutrients you are consuming in what quantities
  • How to portion out food correctly in balanced macros customized specifically for you
  • How to exercise for fat loss, improved strength and longevity without having to spend hours at a gym
  • How to stay consistent with healthy habits and exercise so you never have to start over again
  • How to achieve massive results and sustain them

The 28-Day Macro Challenge Starts April 8th

Registration closes on Thursday, April 4th midnight.


In just 28 days you will benefit from...

and more...

ALL WITHOUT massive food restrictions, complicated meal plans, or giving up your favorite foods!

If you’re sick of relying on “motivation” and “will power”… and inevitably “throwing in the towel”… listen up!

This challenge will teach you how to achieve sustainable, and most importantly, enjoyable weight loss that stays off for good.

It will also teach you how to dial in your nutrition so you can improve your health & reduce inflammation if weight loss is not your goal and you just want to feel better and do your body good!

Join the challenge now for a stronger, healthier, and more empowered version of you. 


What's Included In Your 28-Day Macro Challenge?

Meal Prep Ideas & Recipes

A recipe manual full of delicious, and simple-to-make recipes that will help you build muscle, burn fat and improve your health!

Challenge How-To Guide

Learn all about macros, how to track, how to build a macro-balanced meal for your specific goals, substitutions and more!


3 weekly results-driven Zoom workouts or choose from a variety of 30-minute workouts if you're short on time (great for any level).

Macro Calculator

Discover your own personal macros based on your age, activity level, current weight, and fat loss or maintenance goals.

Meal Prep Class

  Learn how to meal prep for success. Save money, time and stress less without worrying about "what's for dinner" every night!

Coaching Emails

  Daily motivation to keep you on track and accountable to your goals. Coaching calls and support so you can stay out of overwhelm.

I take out all the guesswork, all you need to do is follow along!

Hi, I’m Corinne

I’m here to help you shape up and lose unwanted pounds for good! Have more energy, and feel confident and strong in your body and mind so you never have to start over again.

Every woman deserves to feel happy and confident in a body they love, and that’s why I’m excited to share my proven method with you.

Join me for the NEW Woman’s 28-Day Macro Challenge and watch your body transform!



Then let’s get you started!

Modifications are shown in every video for you to make the exercises harder or easier and I am happy to help along the way if you have any questions about any of the exercises.

There are even mat Pilates included so you can be successful no matter what your fitness level is!

All workouts can be modified to fit most fitness levels, and adjusted if you are injured. But, if all that you do is commit to following the lifestyle tips and nutrition plan you will see massive results. 

I recommend purchasing a set of dumbbells for the workouts, but this is not necessary to start. Even a couple of water bottles will work!

Yes! I am in post-menopause, so I can relate to your changes. Everything I share in the program will dramatically help with balancing hormones no matter what stage you’re experiencing.

We officially start as a group on April 8th.

But you will get immediate access to all of the workouts and supporting materials by as soon as you sign up so you can fully prepare along with my full support!

Because this is a digital program delivered all at once, there are no refunds.

All of the challenge materials will be sent to you by email. We will have a private Facebook group for support and you can also access program materials here. You are always welcome to email me if you have any questions or concerns. The links for the workouts will be emailed to you.

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