Starts May 4th

Lose weight, reclaim your energy and SHAPE UP from home! 

Ready to get serious (again) about your wellness goals… but feeling a little stuck?

Good news! It’s absolutely possible to keep up (or restart) your wellness routine even when you’re feeling locked down at home. 


And here’s why it’s important now more than ever:

To say the corona virus has changed our day-to-day lives is an understatement.

You're feeling trapped at home, bored, and not sure what's next.

You know what will happen to MOST people right?

Healthy habits will start to slip, old habits will start to emerge- or maybe they even create some new, not so good habits!

It won't be long before they start to notice the consequences of feeling sluggish, bloated and blah.

It does NOT have to be that way!

In fact, I think that we can use this as an AMAZING opportunity…to lean into your health & wellness…and come out of this feeling better than ever!

"I have lost 5 pounds, feeling better, eating better and overall have more energy. I really enjoyed the listening to everyone’s comments during the process which kept me inspired and feeling supported. Thank you for your dedication to keeping us all fit".
mary macalpine

My goal for you over the next 28 Days is to help you get back to healthy eating and exercising so that you can boost your immunity, improve your health, and overall fitness level.

You will leave this program with a much deeper understanding of how to lose weight and keep it off, how to work out effectively from home and how to be successful in anything you wish to pursue.!

Get 4 weeks Of FUN, ENERGIZING, & IMMUNE BOOSTING Virtual Group Classes!

We're in this TOGETHER!

Get healthy & fit while you're stuck inside with virtual classes and easy to follow meal plans.

This is not a "cookie cutter" or pre-recorded program.

I'll be coaching you live alongside your peers and offering my support for the entire 28 days.

Why not use this time wisely!!

"Thank you for guiding me the last month. I’ve created new habits and love your inspirational guidance. It I think it was the perfect amount of time as it’s easy to get overwhelmed with new recipes. I loved the grocery lists & meal plans which I posted on the fridge to stay on track. You've helped me through my struggle with your programs to lose a total of 15 lbs"!
janet shaw

Here’s What You Get In The Program:

"Gary accomplished his goals, lost a total of 25 lbs and got back in shape and I made a good start towards mine. ....thanks for the great program and support Corinne. This was just what we needed to get back on track with eating healthy and exercising again."
wendy & gary newton
Retired Fire Chief

You’re Invited To Join 

The 28-Day Spring Shape Up!

Your Investment Only $97


Make the most of your time at home!

          what results can you expect after 28 days?

"I did well!! 25 lbs lighter and I feel a lot better.
I think the best thing is that I am learning to cook with vegetables and make amazing dishes that are good for me."
Howie hunt

Frequently asked questions

Do not worry. 


The workouts are adaptable for all levels! 


Modifications are shown in every class for you to make the exercises harder or easier and I am happy to help along the way if you have any questions about any of the exercises.

The 4 week meal plan is dairy & gluten free. I provide a substitution list for you to make any swaps as you see fit. 

Because this is a digital program there is no refund.

We officially start May 4th. You will get immediate access to the virtual workouts and supporting materials as soon as you sign up so you can fully prepare.


You get everything listed above for just $97! If you’ve already paid for classes, it’s only $37.

Absolutely! Just send me an email and let me know. The cost will only be $37.

You’ll Also Get These Amazing BONUSES!

20 At-Home Workouts With Exercise Manual

Immune Boosting Gut Health Guide & Recipe Manual


"Super happy with my results! I lost over 10 lbs with the program and I plan to continue following the meal plans to reach my goal. Thank you"!
Colleen Mckay
Accounts Manager
"I was stuck at a plateau for several months and, although I was losing inches from working out, I still had fat that I wanted to lose. I have tried almost every diet invented since I was about 13 years old and, although I have lost weight, I have always gained it back. I wanted to learn a new way of eating and thinking about food. This program helped me to lose weight, but probably more inches. And I do notice less fat in all my worst places! It’s logical and appeals to my practical nature".
Terry Mooney
“New habits are working! I can feel, I can see the difference. All of my joints feel better for not carrying 7 kilos. It has changed the size of food portions and the frequency with which I eat, all more of a normal pattern for me. Many kilos to go but I am on the road thanks to this timely Spring Challenge, Pilates and your inspiration and care Corinne. Besides kick starting my fitness, the Spring Challenge has made me a better cook and gardener"!
linda earl
"Thanks Corrine for being such an inspiration and a motivator! After just completing the 10 day detox, I have dropped 7 lbs and I am sure inches off my middle. The 10 day detox helped me get back on track to eating and cooking healthy. The recipes I used were very good and it gave me insight on how I needed to change how I was cooking. My journey to a healthier me has just started and I feel stronger and healthier today than I have since my back surgery".
Arlene Mitri
Woo hoo, I did it. I am so proud of myself. I have tried to lose weight in the past and every time I do and see some results, I sabotage myself by eating more junk. You have made this journey for me so easy and enjoyable, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. My mind set has changed and yes I feel stronger, mentally and physically. I have had some issues along the way, but nothing I haven’t been able to work through. I look forward to getting up in the morning and getting ready for work...not, oh man, what am I going to wear today that will fit me. My plan is to continue eating this way and adding to my success. I have lost a total of 8” and 13.2 lbs and I love it.
michele hermanson
"First off I would just like to thank you so much for all your hard work putting this program together, daily posts, exercises, live feeds, weekly food recipes, etc. You are an exceptional health and fitness coach. I'm exceptionally pleased at my 15 lb. loss and am darn determined not to gain it back. What a great feeling it is when people in the park here notice I've lost weight, makes one stand a little taller. I'm moving a little faster on the tennis court and I can honestly say I don't crave sweets, desserts or even junk food".
beverly bedard
"I just want to say thank you for an incredible 4 weeks! I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed amazing food, many of your recipes have now become favorites that I will make again and again. All of your tips are fun and usable, I’m keeping all of the emails for future use! I am so impressed with you and how you did this program! What amazing effort and work you put into it, the grocery lists, the menus, the exercise videos, the daily encouragement emails, the fun tips and tricks, the weekly live questions and answers, the phone call if we so desired, the prompt answers to messages and emails. This was so worth the money and and tons of fun! By day 2 of the program, I already felt in control again"!
terri meek
"I am down almost 20 pounds with the help of your programs in the last year. I have also felt more energetic with the amount of protein upped which was one of my goals. I love the short morning workouts because they help get the blood flowing and boost my energy for the day. They also worked to keep me in shape while my boot camp coach in Salmon Arm was on maternity leave – felt great when we started back up! No sore muscles! Thanks Corinne".
Marie Seibel

You’re Invited To Join 

The 28-Day Spring Shape Up!


Your Investment Only $97. 


Make the most of your time at home!

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