3 Simple Things To Keep The Mojo Going Over!


RunningOutsideThe Ripple Effect vs. All Or Nothing. 
When you put time and energy into exercise it makes it easier to eat healthy. And when you eat healthy it makes you more likely to exercise.  It’s the ripple effect. When you make positive strides in one area of your life, other areas will soon follow. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Yes nutrition is extremely important for longevity, wellness & weight loss, but lasting results are achieved through a combination of healthy eating, exercise, but most importantly, taking consistent action.

What we need to remind ourselves is that every little bit counts, and just because you may have missed this weeks workout, or indulged at last nights cocktail party, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Instead, do what you can TODAY, stop planning to start over on MONDAY and focus on what you can do for yourself RIGHT NOW!

Here are 3 simple things to keep the mojo going!

1.  Embrace a daily habit of movement.  “We are what we repeatedly do,” Aristotle proclaims.  So move.  Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day decide to be active; go for a hike, jump on your bike and go for a ride around your neighborhood, practice yoga, swim when you’re at the beach, take the stairs, jump of the bus stop two stops earlier and walk home.  Enjoy your body in motion.

2.  When it come to food keep it simple.  Swap out your breakfast and lunch for a green smoothie.  Make a bean dip to snack on with veggies or choose a salad plate for dinner to control portion sizes.  Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy whole foods and skip the snack aisle.  Yes, just keep walking, and try not to shop on an empty stomach.

3.  Get Your Sleep.  When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies suffer.  We are less likely to make our workouts, we tend to make poorer food choices throughout the day (and gravitate towards sugary foods), and we lack the energy and motivation to prepare a healthy dinner when we get home.  So one of the simplest ways to start your day off feeling great is to schedule in enough sleep the night before.

Remember that the little things do count, and positive daily habits add up to lasting results when you are consistent!



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