4 Functional Fitness Moves To Strengthen & Tone Your Legs


So what exactly is functional fitness? Well, it’s a popular term that’s been used to describe anything from balancing on a Bosu ball to training for a sport specific event or certain movements that can help us all age gracefully.

Functional fitness is  training that replicates movements we do in everyday life to help us develop balance and improve our stability and mobility so that we can move better and more efficiently without injury and develop muscles that are needed to stay active doing the things we love to do!

Functional fitness is training that uses compound exercises and moves your body in every plane of motion. We can use body weight, add dumbbells to add resistance without having to rely on equipment that essentially does the supporting for you.

Here’s 4 Functional Fitness Moves To Keep Your Legs Strong & Looking Toned

For best results, do each move 10-15 reps for 2-3 sets. You can also add resistance by holding a dumbbell.

These 4 moves also work great as a Tabata if you are short on time. A tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds and rest. Repeat 2-3 times.

1. Lunge to squat right- Functional training lower body exercises should correct imbalances and strengthen your body so you can move better in everyday life. The lunge to squat is one of my favorite moves to strengthen your legs and core while improving your balance and forcing each leg to work independently.

2. Lunge to squat left- When you lunge back, be sure to keep both feet and knees pointing forward, with the front knee sitting at 90′ over the foot. While squatting to the side try to sit your butt back, keep your weight equal down through both heels, and look forward so not to bend at the waist.

3. Skaters- Leap with as much power, pushing off through the hips, as you can. To advance this move you can reach down and touch the floor. If your knees are a problem, stepping side to side with feet and knees forward is an easier option while still targeting the legs and butt.

4. Pop squats- Start down in a squat and pop up with your feet together. Modify by stepping in one foot at a time. This is a great move to build power & strength in your glutes while getting your heart rate up and your body burning fat.

By adding in a few of these functional training lower body exercises to your current workout routine, you can help develop functional leg strength and mobility in every plane of motion. This not only helps your legs look great, but will translate to feeling and moving better in everyday life!

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