5 Day Fat Burning HIIT Yogalates Challenge


Here’s a HIIT  Yogalates workout to strengthen, tone and make you sweat! With a couple Tabata’s thrown in you will keep your heart rate up throughout the workout and get a BIG calorie burn.  Modify the moves to make them yours and have a great workout!

How the challenge works: There are 5 workouts in total. Start with workout one. Each day after you will repeat the workout from the day before (starting at day 1) and add on the new workout. By day 5 you will have a full body workout & stretch 

Remember, don’t get hung up on the “all or nothing” when it comes to exercise. If your diet isn’t as good as it could be that is all the more reason to keep on with some exercise. And that’s not to out train your diet- this is because instilling one good habit often leads to another!!

Your mind and body will thank you for the movement:) Be consistent and build the habit- commit to just 15 minutes a day to start.

DAY 1: Warm-up and get started HERE!

DAY 2: Skaters VS. Burpees

DAY 3: Back, Core & Legs Yoga Flow

DAY 4: Jumping Jacks vs. Mountain Climbers Or any cardio move you like:)

DAY 5: Abs, Glutes, & STRETCH!

Remember- you can split the workouts up or stack them together for a full workout.

Focus on getting your heart rate up during the  tabatas, and engaging your core while doing the yoga flow. I hope you enjoy this workout!


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