5 Day Tabata Fitness Challenge To Kick Start A Strong You!


Get motivated and back at it with this 5 Day Fitness Challenge! Start today or start tomorrow wherever you may be. There are 5 different tabata workouts that take 4 minutes each. That’s it. Just 4 minutes. Start the challenge by doing workout one. The next day you will repeat the workout from the day before (starting at day 1) and add on the new workout. By day 5 you will have yourself a 25 minute workout. Sounds fun doesn’t it?!

Be sure to warm up first and stretch afterwards and work at your own pace- there are options for all of the exercises so anyone can do it 😉 

5 Days. 5 Workouts. 5 Minutes.

Day 1 Tabata Fitness Challenge. Total Body!

Squat & oblique crunch
Push ups
Lunge right
Lunge left

Day 2 Tabata Fitness Challenge. All about the legs!

Butt kicks
Pop Squats
Sumo squat with pulse


Day 3 Tabata Fitness Challenge. All about the CORE!

Star abs
Side plank right
Side plank left


Day 4 Tabata Fitness Challenge! Get ready to sweat guys!

I’ve added on a 4 minute cardio Tabata. You can do it! 
Put aside 20 minutes today to do this workout and you will feel awesome! Take a rest in between each Tabata before starting the next and don’t forget to stretch after:)

Jump squats vs. Mountain Climbers


Day 5 Tabata Fitness Challenge! 

You are almost done! Stack all 5 days together or split them up.
This will give you an awesome body weight workout that will keep your heart rate up and your metabolism boosted for the day!

Jumping jacks
Side squat/lunge right
Side squat/lunge left
Suicide planks 5x each side


Let me know in the comments if you liked this workout!

Remember, it only takes 15 minutes a day to make a difference to your health, and how you look and feel.


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