6 Must Know Tips to Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau


weigh scaleYou told yourself in September you’d clean up your diet and get back to those workouts. It’s taken some effort, but you feel pretty good again and the workouts are starting to feel easier. So why aren’t those 5 lbs that crept on over summer, or the 10 from the last 2 summers just not budging?

Well there could be many reasons, and especially as we age our bodies slow down, hormones change, life happens, and for many of us the weight does not seem to want to come off as quickly as it used to.

Here’s 6 tips to consider that can help you bust through the weight loss plateau and get you started again!

1.  Stop relying on extended cardio sessions.  If you are able to continue for 20 minutes or more you are not working hard enough. Nothing is wrong with going for a walk or a nice long run, BUT if you are struggling to lose those last few pounds you need switch things up and challenge yourself. We need HIIT (high intensity interval training) in order to facilitate muscular growth, increase bone density, metabolism and therefore fat loss. 

The good news is that these HIIT sessions need not be long. Add in a 15 min of HIIT 5 days a week (alternating the muscles worked) and I promise you will not only kick start your metabolism, but you will gain endurance for those long slow runs. Sign up here for my 3 FREE workouts to help burn stubborn belly fat!

2.  Cut back on liquid calories. Take a look at what is in your coffee or tea, the amount of sugar in the milk you drink (did you know that there is more calcium and less sugar in almond milk than skim milk?)  and cut out or limit your alcohol intake. These calories can add up FAST!  Just 1 tbsp of sugar and a dash of half & half can add up to over 100 calories. Let’s just say you drink two coffees a day. By going with black coffee, or an alternative sweetener and milk you can lose 2 lbs a month.

3.  Get a social support network going for accountability and motivation. This can be an online group, a workout partner, or a group class you attend.  What ever works for you.  Research shows that having that someone to check in with, getting your partner on board, or being part of the group with similar goals gets better results.

4.  Take a closer look at what you are actually putting in your mouth. When you journal you may be surprised at what is actually sneaking in. We usually underestimate our caloric intake.  But what if you aren’t eating processed junk food? Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean we can eat unlimited amounts. Pay attention to portion sizes and BLT’s: bites, licks and tastes!

An average woman needs just 1400-1600 calories per day, 1900 if they are extremely active to maintain their weight. In order to lose weight, there needs to be a deficit created by either cutting back on our calories, or through exercise. My done-for-you meal plans take the guess work out of what and when to eat. Each day is balanced in macros and calories to help you lose weight and get the proper nutrients in.

5.  Know that you cannot out train a weekend of “cheat meals” or NSA  meals (no strings attached). Consider this. Typically the weekend starts on Friday for most of us. If you let all of your healthy habits go wayside come Friday this means that 43% of your week is off track! That’s huge. Instead try picking one meal to indulge in on the weekend. This should be no more than 600 calories. Or maybe its a few beverages or a desert. Your choice. Treat food as fuel and eat wisely the other 95% of the time and you will continue to gett results.

6. Build each meal around GREENS & PROTEIN. Look for opportunities to include fresh veggies in your meals whenever possible.  Protein smoothies with spinach or kale, sauteed greens with eggs, a chicken salad any time of the day, cut up fresh veggies with hummus or peanut butter. To eliminate excuses buy pre-washed salads, cut up veggies and a frozen mixed bag of veggies that can be quickly steamed or roasted. Pre-cook chicken breasts for the week, and always keep a dozen of fresh eggs and canned tuna on hand.

By ensuring that we include a healthy dose of greens and a protein at each meal we virtually crowd out processed foods, refined carbs and empty calories.

Ready to move ahead? Acknowledge your obstacles and start working to overcome these…one thing at a time!

And if you’d like a done-for-you program with recipes, easy to follow meal plans, short, effective workouts that will change your body in 30 days check out my 30 Day Slim & Sculpt Program.
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