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Week 1- Mindset

Mindset shifts for lasting results.

Week 2- Nutrition

Understanding the foundations of nutrition.

Week 3- Movement

How to rock your training program!


Week 4- Water

The importance of water & fiber for your health.

Week 5- Sleep Hygiene

Supercharge your sleep.

Week 6- Stress

Techniques to beat stress.

Week 7- Understand How To Build A Meal & Decode Food Labels

This will teach you everything you need to know so that you can meal plan on your own and continue to get results!

Week 8- Healthy Gut

The importance of a healthy gut for your health & more!

GF peanut butter cookie

Week 9- Conquering cravings

Understanding cravings and what we can do about them.

Week 10- Self Care

Taking time for you.


Week 11-Inflammation

Understanding inflammation and it’s effects on the body.

Week 12-How To Stick To Your Healthy Habits

Beyond the 90 days

BONUS- Dining Out & Holidays

How to plan and prepare for situations outside of the home and stay on track.

Thanks For Joining! Let’s Have An Amazing 12 Weeks Together!