A Beginners Guide To A Strong Core *(video included)*


Strengthening our core is especially important to avoid falls, maintain our balance and be able to function at our best.

Did you know that building a strong core is the foundation for everything you do? Yup, that’s right!

A strong core will help prevent injury, and lessen your aches and pains, especially in the hips and back. It will enable you to work harder, get more out of your workouts, improve your posture and mobility as you age.

This video has some favorite basic moves of mine that you can do everyday to keep your core fired up and your muscles toned without using any equipment. I will teach you how to strengthen your hip muscles (gluteals), your deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominus) and maintain upper body strength too! All of which will help you with staying strong as you age.

And remember, a lean, toned midsection is 80% nutrition – 20% exercise. Don’t burn yourself out working out all the time while skipping out on the nutrition part because it sounds too complicated. Make healthy eating your LIFESTYLE once and for all!



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