Bodyweight HIIT Yogalates


Here’s my 5 Day December Fitness Challenge all rolled into one 40 minute workout. It’s a combination of Tabata’s, Yoga, and Pilates moves which will give you a fat burning workout and a great stretch!

If you are wondering why the tabatas read on.

HIIT  (high intensity interval training) will push you pass that place where you are stuck in your weight loss journey. You work out, you eat right for the most part but the scale doesn’t want to budge. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to lose those last 10 lbs. Or maybe get started on the first 10. Sound familiar? This is where adding tabatas or another form of HIIT training into your exercise routine can help. And it only takes 15 minutes a day!

When we do HIIT (high intensity interval training) our bodies will burn more calories in less time when compared to another form of exercise. Part of this caloric burn will be from a higher metabolism post exercise that will last longer. HIIT training contributes to lower body fat, heart rate and blood pressure. HIIT may also help lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

You can modify any of the moves to suit your body, ramp it up, tone it down or start off with just 15 minutes (including one tabata). The main thing is to get started. Exercising in your bare feet is great for strengthening your ankles and will challenge your balance, but feel free to wear your runners if that feels better.

This is a great workout to start with if you are new to exercise, or add into your weekly routine for something different. Enjoy!


Did you like this workout?

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If you have any questions please ask!

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