Figuring out what to eat day after day can be a real headache. Not anymore! 

With my healthy, custom meal plans & recipes, you’ll succeed with total peace of mind.

How would you like to not have to think about what to cook for dinner or what ingredients to buy at the store?

And how about knowing that you are getting in nutritious meals that will boost your health & support your fitness goals?

Or what about trying out a new eating style such as Keto, Paleo or Sugar Free for a week to kick start some results?

Introducing customized meal plans!

You will waste less food, save time shopping, boost your health and try out delicious whole foods recipes.

Planning ahead is key- and I will do all of the work for you!

How much does it cost?


What does it include?

  • Your initial consult and 2 weeks worth of customized meal plans.
  • You will also receive a shopping list for all of the ingredients needed along with recipes that we have chosen based on your preferences, lifestyle, and goals!
  • Email support for the entire 2 weeks. Any questions? Just ask!

BONUS– I am also including my 8 Favorite Gluten Dairy Free Treats Recipe Book which is full of healthy goodies!

The plans are all customizable for as many servings as you prefer. So let’s just say you would like the breakfast and lunch menu to be for yourself only, but the dinner recipes to be for the family and feed 4, I will adjust the serving sizes so you know exactly how much food to buy!

How does it work?
  1. Once you have paid you will be sent to an intake form to fill out. (In case you lose the link, I’ve left another link to the intake form below). Once you have filled it out, send back to me.
  2. Next, book your 20 minute consultation to go over your intake form so that we can discuss your goals, preferences, and meal plan options.


When your meal plan is complete (2-3 business days) I will send you a copy of your meal plans that you can download and print!


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Ready To Go Meal Plans

Pick from any of the done-for-you meal plans offered below and get started today!

Price: $19 each

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7 Day Sugar Free Paleo Plan

This popular Paleo meal plan is free from added sweeteners and is designed to help people kick their sugar habit without feeling deprived while unprocessing their diet.

This plan places an emphasis on whole foods and avoids common food sensitivities including dairy, grains, soy, and legumes. It incorporates a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables for natural sweetness and is perfect for those who love to prep their meals ahead.

40-30-30 Weight Loss Diet

This is a high protein, moderate fat and carbohydrate diet for weight management.

This diet was designed to assist with weight management by maintaining caloric intake at approximately 1,500 calories per day with a macro nutrient ratio of approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

7 Day Elimination Diet

The Elimination Diet includes 7 days of meals and snacks which are compliant with the Elimination Diet Guidelines from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and can help you get to the bottom of any potential food sensitivities.

All meals are free from nightshades, allergenic fruits, soy, problematic nuts, dairy, red meat, eggs, and added sugar.

These exciting new recipes are meal-prep friendly and easy to make to increase compliance.

7 Day Sugar Free Diet

This super simple Sugar-Free Diet is designed to help people kick their sugar habit without feeling deprived.

It’s free from all added sugars, including natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.

Meals are packed with fruit, vegetables, and legumes, making it the perfect 7-day detox for anyone new to sugar-free living. Less sugar means MORE energy, less inflammation and happier joints!

7 Day Women’s Hormone Balancing Plan

This Women’s Hormone Balancing Diet contains key ingredients to promote hormone balance and detoxification, adrenal health, and thyroid function.

All recipes are gluten and dairy free, meal-prep friendly and easy to make to increase compliance- with a focus on foods that support liver and gut health.

You’ll be getting in plenty of omega-3s, iodine rich foods, probiotics, and fibre, as well as regular meals and plenty of protein for balanced blood sugar.

These done-for-you meal plans average 1500 calories per day but are fully customizable and have room for an extra snack or meal if needed.

The recipes are ALL meal-prep friendly and easy to make to increase compliance so that you get the results you are after!

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“I just printed off the fat burning breakfast recipes you sent me and they look great! I’ve never been a smoothie person but these look amazing so I’m going to give it another try.

Best of all they will be quick and simple to make so I have no excuse to skip breakfast!
I’m patting myself on the back as I’ll be going home having lost weight over the winter instead of having gained weight.         

The done for you meal plans kept me on track with my weight loss goals and took away the stress of “what’s for dinner” which I absolutely loved. It also got me to try out some new recipes too!

I really appreciate everything you do to promote good healthy eating habits and staying fit.”
Thank you,

Bev Bedard

Medical Disclaimer

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