Your Easy To Do Summer Workout Plan


RunningOutsideCan you believe it- summer is just around the corner! For many of us, our regular fitness programs come to an end. We just get too busy, take holidays, or can’t make it to our favorite classes with kids home from school. Don’t worry if you fall into this category, all your hard work to get in shape doesn’t have to be lost! You can keep fit over summer with a small commitment so when September rolls around you will be starting off where you were in June. Check out my easy to follow summer workout plan that you can do from home.To help you along the way here’s a summer workout calendar to keep you in shape that without taking up all of your time. I know there are lot’s of other fun things to do and it’s easy to put our workouts on hold. I’ve taken the guess work out of what to do and when so there’s no excuses!

Just remember, staying consistent with exercise over the summer will help you stay injury free and allow you to enjoy your favorite activities with ease. All it takes is 15 minutes a day.

Alternate between weeks 1 & 2 and if you want a longer workout, repeat for 1 or 2 more rounds. Put on some of your favorite tunes & let’s go! I know you can do this!

Week 1

Monday: 6 Minute Boxercise Routine

Tuesday: Core Exercises Part 1

   Core Exercises Part 2

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 20 Minute Total Body Tabata

Friday: Sculpted Abs

Saturday: 12 Minute Yoga Flow

Sunday: Rest Day

Week 2

Monday: 10 minute Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

Tuesday: HIIT Core Challenger

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Upper Body Blast

Friday: HIIT Leg Workout

Saturday: 12 Minute Yoga Flow

Sunday: Rest Day

You will be amazed at the difference just 15 minutes a day can make.

P.S. no matter whether your goal is to slim down, tone up, or maintaining your fitness, you need to support your workouts with food choices that will help you achieve those goals. Food is your body’s fuel. What you choose to fuel your body with will directly affect your energy and results. Check out my recipes for some great ideas.


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