Facing Your Fears Is Not Something To Be Afraid Of


free squareOne lesson I’ve learned this past year is to focus on what strengths come naturally for me, and not get hung up on my weaknesses.  This is called “playing your free square”, which Victoria Moran talks about in “Creating a Charmed Life”.

I’m re-reading the book Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran.  Victoria reminds us in her book that we have a free square – “Talents, abilities, and inexplicable aptitudes that make certain things almost effortless.”

Here is an excerpt from Victoria Moran’s book Creating a Charmed Life called “Play Your Free Square” which reads in part as follows:

“In the game of Bingo, every player starts with a bonus: the free
square in the middle. Because everybody gets one, nobody thinks
much of it, but the free square is just as valuable in winning the
game as B-7 or 0-69.

“We have ‘free squares’ in our lives, too: talents, abilities, and
inexplicable aptitudes that make certain things almost effortless.

“If you’re unclear about your own free squares, answer the fol-
lowing questions: Is there an area of your life-even one you may
have regarded as insignificant-in which good things tend to hap-
pen repeatedly and automatically? Do you have an aptitude for
something that seems so natural you can’t understand why other
people struggle with it? What do you get compliments about?
How would you finish the sentence, ‘I’ve just got a knack for…’”

There are always going to be people who know more than ourselves in certain areas, so embrace what you don’t know, ask questions, learn and go figure out how to contribute in ways that play to your strengths.

How can we Make It Happen?

A few weeks ago a fellow health coach shared some good advice.  She said : “I’ve heard so many times that the greatest personal development program on the planet is to be an entrepreneur”.

Entrepreneurship pushes us to move outside of our comfort zones if we want to progress. If we never change what we do, we’ll never change where we are at.

I think there are times in all of our lives where we need to push past our comfort zone, because that is quite often where the things we want in life lay.

If your business, health or body isn’t where you want it, ask yourself….

What are 1-3 things I know I should be doing but I’m not?

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly think of a couple things 🙂

Then put it on your calendar to do it in the next 5 days. Find someone to be accountable to. It can be your family, a friend or a group you are involved with.

My challenge to you is that you do that one thing you KNOW you need to do if you want to achieve the goals you set for yourself and go out and do it.

Then love yourself for what you do and make it happen!

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