FIT in 15- 5 Different Workouts To Slim & Sculpt


bicep-curlHave you ever felt exhausted just thinking about your workout? Well fear not! Before you know it these FIT in 15 workouts will be finished and you can get on with your day!


I love short HIIT workouts for exactly this reason- they don’t take up your entire day. But, you get all the benefits and results just the same. You will get your heart rate up, your sweat on, and a rush of endorphins flowing ūüôā Oh, and burn some good calories too.

I’ve designed these workouts to strengthen and tone your entire body- focusing on a different muscle group each day. I’ve also mixed up the workout style. You’ll do intervals of different lengths, tabatas, and even some cardio. You won’t be bored, and your muscles won’t know what’s coming.

Remember it’s not always about how much you do– but rather how you do it. It’s only 15 minutes so give it your all as far as intensity goes. You can always stack two workouts together if you have more time, or repeat each other for another round. Enjoy!


Day 1: Chest, Triceps & Core

3 rounds of 45 second intervals….4 if you have more time¬†

  • Push ups to a T
  • Tricep overhead extension
  • Chest flys with knee folds
  • Skull crushers with bridge
  • Burpee/ high kicks


Day 2:¬†Legs and Cardio ¬†😎💪🏃‍♀️

10 exercises for 30 sec each- 3-4 rounds!

1. butt kicks
2. squat right/ lunge right
3. squat left/ lunge left
4. jump squats
5. skaters
6. sumo squat side bends
7. side plank hip lift right
8. side plank hip left left
9. single leg bridge right
10. single leg bridge left


Day 3: Back & Biceps

TRX or Band or weights- 45 sec work 15 sec rest

  • Wide to narrow rows or bent over wide row if using weights
  • Single arm row right- use a bench for support if using weights
  • Single arm row left
  • Bicep curls- standing balance optional if using weights
  • Reverse lunges- weighs optional


Day 4: Band Booty & Core
2-3 rounds of 10, 15, 20 reps

1. side stepping
2. squats
3. donkey kicks R
4. side lying circles
5. Donkey kicks L
6. Side Lying circles
7. roll ups
8. V- sit twist
9. Heel drops


Day 5:  Tabata Arm Day 
20 sec work/ 10 sec rest

1. side lunge with upright rows
2. squat with front press
3. reverse lunge with curl to overhead press
4. tricep kickbacks

1.butt kicks
2. mountain climbers
3. lateral jumps
4. high knees



Be sure to let me know how you enjoyed these workouts!


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