Bring Integrity Back To The Table With These 3 Tips


grattitude jarI was recently asked to offer a wellness/ fitness tip or recipe for a Healthy New Year Guide. Typically in January we see fitness, diet, detox ….but then I thought about what it is needing attention in my own life and decided on these fun tips you and your family can do together.

Not to say that exercise and good eating isn’t important!  So many moms I know  feel like they are always on the go, running form one place to another, throwing together meals, buying take out and rarely sitting down to eat together-  at the table that is, not in front of the t.v. ! I must admit our family is guilty of all of the above!  So my tip and plan for the New Year, even if it is for just one night a week, is to bring integrity back to our table!

1.  Make a menu plan for the week and do the necessary shopping.   Most of us know when a and where we have to be ahead of time, so take a look at the week, take note of when you are at home, what nights you aren’t and ask your family for input.  Get the slow cooker going on days you don’t have time to cook,  Think about how leftovers can be used from the night before to make things easier,  and have some healthy wraps ready instead of hitting the take out.

2.  Decide what night your family is home to enjoy a meal, and include the kids.  My favorite is homemade pizza night.  Everyone can help make their own, cut up a tray of veggies and have a big selection of healthy toppings to choose from.  Take it to the table, sit down, and enjoy!  Another evening ask each family member to choose a healthy dish and help prepare it.  Kids are so much more likely to enjoy the meal when they have been part of the whole process, and will be excited to see you enjoy their creation!

3.  Make a Gratitude jar!  Find a large mason jar and fill it with small slips of paper and treat of your choice (could be special teas, a piece of dark chocolate or what ever you choose )  Once a week, while sitting down together for your meal, ask everyone or take turns, to write down one thing that they are grateful for this past week.  Put back in the jar, and enjoy a treat.  When all of the blank slips have been filled, spend some time one evening reading everyone’s gratitude slips and reflect back on all we can be grateful for and the blessings we are fortunate to have  received.

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