Are you a woman over 50 tired of struggling with weight loss & feeling out of shape? I can help!

If you are DONE with dieting, confused about what to eat for weight loss (without feeling deprived) and have no interest in spending hours in the gym, 


My realistic, balanced approach to eating and exercise works for busy women in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond so that they can achieve lasting weight loss and feel fit and strong at any age.

I address the core issues that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and personal goals so that you’ll never find yourself starting and stopping over and over again.

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Hi! I’m Corinne, Fitness & Fat Loss Expert.                                                               

I want to help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that you can stop worrying about your weight and feeling out of shape!

It’s my mission to help you simplify fitness & nutrition so that you can achieve lasting weight loss, shape up, and live the BEST version of yourself!

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What my clients have to say...

Want to be a better you?
I did. With Corinne`s help, I tweaked my diet, improved my fitness regime, and lost inches!
Together we planned a results-based approach to wellness, using before, during and after data collected in conjunction with my family doctor.
This holistic approached proved a winner for me. 
I feel healthy and confident about my food and fitness choices.
Corinne is an amazing holistic health coach and personal trainer.

Jacqueline Lessard

I had been suffering from chronic hip pain which was not improving, and found myself at the point of having to now reduce all activity. I resolved to be proactive and try Pilates with Corinne after other alternative methods were getting me nowhere. Before long, my flexibility increased, stiffness eased, and gradually the constant pain was reduced. I am now enjoying my golf again & keeping up with my grand kids as a direct-result of my morning routine of exercises Corrine gave me for homework. Thanks to Corinne and some self-discipline, I look forward to continuing Pilates when I return to the lake, so I can improve and maintain my quality of life.

Kathy Cromptom