How To Push Through The Discipline Stage Into Habit


how-to-set-goalsAll too often  we put too much pressure on ourselves to ditch old habits, lose weight and get our act together when it comes to exercising and eating right. We set our expectations sky high, we feel like failures when we can’t comply and end up giving up on those goals time and time again. The same goals that keep reoccurring instead of becoming habit.

We find ourselves forever stuck between the “discipline and getting started stage” in which we have to constantly talk ourselves into doing something, or in the case of breaking a not so good habit, talking ourselves out of doing something.

So how can we break through this stage and actually get to the point where discipline turns into habit? Here’s the difference: Habits are when we don’t have to think about it- like doing our teeth in the morning- we just do it.

Here’s 4 tips to turn those goals into a reality:

1. Get support or find an accountability partner. Ok, this one’s pretty simple! You just have to figure out what this looks like for you. For example if you absolutely hate working out, then joining a group fitness class in which the thinking is done for you might be the solution. You schedule it in, you pre-pay, and you go. The decision to work out has been made. Or maybe you’re trying to clean up your diet. Find friends who are into doing the same, surround yourself with like minded people and choose activities that aren’t going to tempt you to blow it.

2. Know your triggers. If you know that coming home for 30 minutes before your workout will give you that excuse not to go, then find something else for those 30 minutes to do instead of going home! Call a friend, make your to do list, pick up some groceries etc. On the flip side, if you know that on Friday night you are tired and get lazy with the cooking, and grab whatever is at hand, have something healthy in the freezer ready to take out Friday mornings. Figure out where you struggle and take action to make those times easier.

3. Change your mindset. Take the word “try” out of your vocabulary. Replace it with “I will…..” instead of “I’m trying to…..” over and over again. Write it down on sticky notes and post if you have to! You may have heard the advice “start behaving like the person you want to be”. So think and act like you’ve already reached that goal. What would you be doing- or not doing if you had?

4. Most importantly, take imperfect consistent action toward your goals every single day. Give yourself permission to make mistakes- to screw up. Just don’t quit! If you continue to persist, you will start seeing results and those goals will start taking less and less discipline, with each week that passes. Even if it’s just one simple thing. Take action and do something for yourself to keep that goal alive and yourself moving forward.


My One on One Coaching Packages might be just what you need if you have been struggling with the same health & fitness goals time and time again. Or maybe you’d like to get started for the first time. Whether it’s getting in better shape for a particular sport, losing weight, or working on core strength to improve your posture and day to day functioning, I can help!

Personal training is more than just fitness, it’s accountability, meal planning, and support so that your goals become habit- a lifestyle. 

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