Why Stretch?

If you’re holding tension in your body, or wake up feeling stiff and achy, stretching can help! It’s an important part of your self-care regime, and I recommend you add it in whenever you can.

Our body’s “fight or flight” response is triggered with stress and the body tenses up- resulting in tight muscles. Chronic pain can then show up in these places where tension is held, such as in the shoulders, lower back, neck and head. But, stretching interrupts that defensive response and provides relief to the tense muscles while reducing stress.

Regular stretching also allows for increased functional longevity and better circulation of fresh blood to the muscles, which can help the body recover faster from a workout and our day to day activities.

This routine will help you to release tension, open up tight muscles, and reduce stress. Give yourself 15 minutes of stretching today and enjoy the way this routine makes you feel!