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Take The First Step To A Healthier, Fitter You And Discover How Exercise Can Change Your Life!

If you are someone who wants to get in shape, build lean muscle & lose the extra weight I can help.

Or maybe you are someone who is TIRED of feeling fatigued and just can’t make those workouts happen on your own.

You KNOW you should be exercising but it just doesn’t happen!

My clients improve their health, lose weight and get fit while eating wholesome foods that nourish their bodies and fuel their workouts too. You are not going to have to spend hours in a gym, (or even go to a gym for that matter) and my meal plans are simple and easy to prepare!


Who Is Personal Training For?

>You want a workout you can do in the convenience of your own home in less than 30 minutes.

>You want to burn fat and lose the extra weight so you feel good in any outfit you choose.

>You want to learn to eat for optimal energy and performance, better health and build lean muscle mass.

>You recovering from an injury and need some guidance so you can get back to doing what you love and live a functional life.

>You’ve tried every fad, crash diet and tea-tox and finally just want results.

>You are looking to build core strength, increase flexibility and reduce lower back pain.

>You have every good intention but just can’t seem to make exercise a regular habit.

Personal Training will take your health & fitness to a new level. My programs simplify fitness and nutrition and take the guess work out of what to do!

Whether you are new to exercise or have past experience, I will create an individualized program-designed with your goals in mind.  You will learn correct lifting technique, how to prevent exercise plateaus, how to build core strength, and improve your balance and flexibility as you age just to name a few.

Personal Training will help motivate you, keep you focused, make the best of your workout time and help you achieve your health & fitness goals. We’re also going to work on what you should be eating to achieve your ideal body, talk about how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle and your mindset so that you have the tools to maintain your results long after we are done!


If you didn’t have to question whether what you were doing was working for you, but rather letting the results speak for themselves.

If you could wake up with energy and actually look forward to exercise.

If you could put an end to stiff and achy joints and move with ease.

If you could not let food control you and feel amazing in whatever outfit you choose.

If you could spend just 3 hours a week working out, still eat the foods you love, and achieve your ideal body?

Services I Offer

One On One Training

Single session $97

This includes:

  • A free 20 minute consultation to identify areas to work on, set realistic goals, and develop a personalized program that WORKS FOR YOU!
  • A printable workout program for you to follow at home or at the gym.
  • One personal training session to teach how how to do the exercises correctly and answer any questions you have.
  • Nutritional Guidance and a done-for-you meal plan of your choice
Getting Started Package $249

This includes:

  • A free 20 minute consultation to discuss your health & fitness goals and design a plan that suits your lifestyle to get the results you want.
  • Nutritional guidance plus a 1 week meal plan of your choice with recipes and shopping list.  Choose from Paleo, Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Sugar Free & More!
  • 3 personal training sessions to teach you proper technique and exercise form.
  • On going email support for the entire time we will be working together.
Pre-pay 5 sessions or more $375 ($75 per session)    
*please note that packages of 5 sessions need to be used within 8 weeks

This includes:

  • A free 20 minute consultation to identify areas to work on, set realistic goals, and develop a personalized program that WORKS FOR YOU!
  • Nutritional guidance plus a 1 week meal plan of your choice with recipes and shopping list.  Choose from Paleo, Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Sugar Free & More!
  • On going email support for the entire time we will be working together.

*Please note that additional travel rates may apply and adjusted for km

Christina lake: $20

Grand Forks: $40


Small Group Training

Get together with a few friends for small group training. This offers the social dimensions of group fitness as well as the accountability and attention of Personal Training at a more affordable cost.

“Big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality.”

  • 3-6 people in a group
  • train once per week
  • printable workouts to do at home or at the gym
  • 1 week meal plan of your choice with recipes and shopping list.  Choose from Paleo, Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Sugar Free & More!
  • program designed around your groups collective goals
  • ongoing email support while working together

Cost: $175 per person for 6 weeks


NOT SURE WHICH PACKAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Set up a FREE call to see what would be the best FIT! CLICK HERE To Book Your Discovery Call Today

Yours in health, Corinne

Master your nutrition, achieve your ideal body, and LEARN how to maintain it for a lifetime.

If you are considering doing personal training with Corinne, DO IT!

I had been attending and loving her morning fitness classes for the last year, but wanted to lose weight and get stronger and toned. Corinne developed a 10 session personal training program personalized to me. I learned how to properly do weight training, the benefits of tabatas and HIIT training too so that I can do home workouts now on my own that are effective and timely.

She is positive, motivating , inspiring , encouraging and fun to work with.  She kept in daily contact with me sending me exercise ideas and recipes. This  continuous, positive support system and knowing that she is always available for questions / concerns/feedback made a HUGE difference!

I also started to follow her eating plan customized to my size and goals. I thought I was eating healthy and right but some minor changes made all the difference in my success.  I was consistently losing weight and inches every week and found the program was very easy to follow, I was very satisfied on it. Corinne was always  checking in on how it was working for me and sharing tips and food ideas. I am a bit over halfway to my goal weight and know with 100% certainty I will reach it.  I have lots of energy, feel strong , have lost over a clothing size and see the toning in my muscles and feel great. This was a wonderful gift to myself and my health.

Thanks Corinne!


Sandi Gniewotta Christina Lake, BC March 11, 2017

Want to be a better you? I did. With Corinne`s help, I tweaked my diet, improved my fitness regime, and lost inches!
Together we planned a results-based approach to wellness, using before, during and after data collected in conjunction with my family doctor.
This holistic approached proved a winner for me. I feel healthy and confident about my food and fitness choices.
Corinne is an amazing holistic health coach and personal trainer!

Jacqueline Lessard Christina Lake, BC June 20, 2015

I have been suffering from chronic hip pain which was not improving with Chiropractor visits. Treatment involved adjustments and stretching for temporary relief, but nothing with longevity, and it was now reducing all activity. I resolved to be proactive and try Pilates with you, slowly increasing flexibility, improving stiffness and gradually reducing that constant pain. I am now enjoying my golf again, along with keeping up with my grand kids, as a direct-result of my morning routine of exercises Corrine sent along for homework over the winter, meant to keep me mobile and comfortable. Thanks to Corinne and some self-discipline, I look forward to continuing Pilates when I return to the lake, so I can improve and maintain my quality of life.

Kathy Compton Arizona, US December 26, 2014

Corrine Olsen became my personal trainer in mid-September 2015, and I have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Corinne is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. In addition to all of those things, I have lost 11 inches and almost 20 pounds; all of my baby weight! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Corinne will lead you every step of the way. Thank you Corinne, you are one of the most kind, supportive and motivated people I have had the pleasure to know.

Jessica Coleman March 17, 2018

Corinne’s one-on-one training provided the inspiration and encouragement I needed to kick-start my journey to well-being. The full-body workouts she planned for me were varied, fun, easy to sustain, yet still challenging. Corrine is in the know about many areas of wellness, and she passed on good information on topics such as nutrition, stress, sleep, as well as physical activity. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm are contagious!

Nancy Servante Kootenays, BC December 26, 2014