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Testimonial Category: Boot Camp

Core Fit

August 9, 2016

“Great workout for my first time at Core Fit!  I loved the energy of the class.  You are right about the 2nd day muscle soreness- I feel it in my lower abs today 🙂  I’ll definitely be back for more!”

Core Fit

November 14, 2015
“I started Core Fit in February and have kept on now for 10 months!  Corinne is an excellent instructor through positive motivation and guidance and keeps things fun. The workouts are never boring and always challenging, in fact I look forward to each class wondering what we’ll be doing next. I love the variety in the circuits and the emphasis on core strength.  Corinne has you working out in ways you would never have thought of on your own in a gym. I look forward to feeling the stress of the day disappear, and my head clear every time I walk into the class.  My personal image has improved along side my fitness level when I keep on with class. Another thing great about her classes is that I have never felt pressured to keep up with anyone’s expectations but my own. Thank you Corinne for helping me stay strong and to regain my endurance!”

Bootcamp Fan

December 26, 2014

“I did a fitness test at the beginning of the summer, spent the summer doing Bootcamp with Corinne and improved immensely on my fitness test this week! The best was from 45 – 62 pushups in 3 minutes! I feel so much stronger after my summer at Bootcamp in the most beautiful location ever! Miss it and can’t wait to see everyone next summer! Thanks Corinne!”


Boot Camp Rocks!

December 26, 2014

“While I was visiting Christina Lake I was a faithful bootcamp student. I have never been so fit while on vacation. It was great and what a scenic place to work out!” 


December 26, 2014

“Corinne is such a great motivator. The setting, lakefront, is the ultimate. the air smells so good, the lake so calm. fellow classmates welcoming and supportive. I maintained and even improved my fitness level during my two week vacation. highly recommend this boot camp and Corinne. she is a great person and instructor. “

Boot Camp

December 26, 2014

“I love boot camp the most! I love working-out in the nature- it seems to go by so fast! Corinne also does great fitness classes like step aerobics- to get your heart rate up, and good company too! Such a great bunch of people who go to her classes, plus an enthusiastic experienced instructor = good, healthy fun!!!”

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