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November 14, 2015
A number of years ago I suffered with a back issue and part of my back-to-work program was to enroll in a series of Pilates classes. Pilates changed my life as I learned how to strengthen my core, feel stronger and listen to my body. Pilates enables me to feel strong and healthy, enjoy XC Skiing, biking and kayaking. Last year I was surprised to require abdominal surgery in Vancouver……..the surgeons comment “You have great abs, it made my job so much easier!”
Corinne always allows for a minimum of 10 minutes to relax, stretch and unwind at the end of each class……we all leave with a positive mindset for the day!…….missing Pilates leaves me feeling sluggish and lazy!! PILATES is A WAY OF LIFE for me.”

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December 26, 2014

I have been suffering from chronic hip pain which was not improving with Chiropractor visits. Treatment involved adjustments and stretching for temporary relief, but nothing with longevity, and it was now reducing all activity. I resolved to be proactive and try Pilates with you, slowly increasing flexibility, improving stiffness and gradually reducing that constant pain. I am now enjoying my golf again, along with keeping up with my grand kids, as a direct-result of my morning routine of exercises Corrine sent along for homework over the winter, meant to keep me mobile and comfortable. Thanks to Corinne and some self-discipline, I look forward to continuing Pilates when I return to the lake, so I can improve and maintain my quality of life.

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