Personal Training

March 11, 2017

If you are considering doing personal training with Corinne, DO IT!

I had been attending and loving her morning fitness classes for the last year, but wanted to lose weight and get stronger and toned. Corinne developed a 10 session personal training program personalized to me. I learned how to properly do weight training, the benefits of tabatas and HIIT training too so that I can do home workouts now on my own that are effective and timely.

She is positive, motivating , inspiring , encouraging and fun to work with.  She kept in daily contact with me sending me exercise ideas and recipes. This  continuous, positive support system and knowing that she is always available for questions / concerns/feedback made a HUGE difference!

I also started to follow her eating plan customized to my size and goals. I thought I was eating healthy and right but some minor changes made all the difference in my success.  I was consistently losing weight and inches every week and found the program was very easy to follow, I was very satisfied on it. Corinne was always  checking in on how it was working for me and sharing tips and food ideas. I am a bit over halfway to my goal weight and know with 100% certainty I will reach it.  I have lots of energy, feel strong , have lost over a clothing size and see the toning in my muscles and feel great. This was a wonderful gift to myself and my health.

Thanks Corinne!