30 Day Fit & Healthy Challenge

February 13, 2016
I wanted to thank you for being our super fit Fitness Inspiration Leader and supporting me through my 30 Day Fit & Healthy Challenge!  We’d all be lethargic, depressed messes if we didn’t have your classes to look forward to and your ongoing positive energy to keep us inspired!
My biggest take away– its about the difference in how I feel that is more important than how I look…and that was the driving force behind the motivation to keep going. Receiving the weekly emails have broadened my understanding of weight loss and I have become so much more aware of making the connection between the actions I choose to take and the results (feeling great, feeling happy, feeling like I want to exercise!) I get.   I had a winter holiday scheduled in for February but we had not yet decided on where to go.  My husband and I actually chose a Yoga retreat because we want to keep on with our new healthy habits and continue to feel great!
Thanks so much!

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